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About Us

Stone Capital offers a wide range of business solutions, both onshore and offshore. We operate our network of fully-integrated fund and consulting services in many of the world’s popular jurisdictions including, Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands, New York, the British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, London, Singapore, and many others. Additionally, over decades, we have developed professional relationships with leading companies that may be able to assist our clients with growth opportunities.

Our History

Stone Capital was created to serve startups and growth companies with there business and capital needs. In many ways our company was created to serve the needs of existing clients who needed additional services but did not want to have to contact numerous firms to assist. This is where Stone Capital can play a large role.

Our Vision

Our vision at Stone Capital has been consistent since day one: the success of our clients. When we are engaged by a company we start off the process with the goal of success in mind, and then work our way backwards. Our clients achievements our are very own.